Andreetto & Zanon, solutions and consultancy for customs and international transport

The customs sector is constantly evolving. Anticipating the future is our challenge: Andreetto & Zanon, based in Verona, offers solutions and consultancy in the field of international import/export transportation, with particular regard to the fine arts sector and customs operations, providing a completely personalised service and a dynamic, flexible approach to meet any type of request.

Customs Services

Andreetto & Zanon offers tailor-made consultancy in the customs sector.

We adapt the bureaucratic machine to your way of operating through our customs assistance service.


Andreetto & Zanon specialises in special consignments and shipments of fragile goods like furniture and furnishings. We handle every stage, from pick-up and consolidation all the way through to the customs operations.

Fine Arts

Auction houses and galleries find their ideal partner in Andreetto & Zanon, to which they can entrust the transport of works of art. We offer specific services such as a temperature-controlled warehouse for the preservation of your works.

About us

We are a family company, in which the human factor and technological innovation go hand-in-hand. A direct line of communication is constantly kept open between Andreetto & Zanon and its clients. Personal contact still makes all the difference, including when dealing with the public administration: we become a single contact point for all requirements in customs matters and companies are finally free to concentrate on their business.

Completed Projects
Years of experience

It's all about experience

Our experience in the sector over time has enabled us to develop of solid network of international contacts, in order to give companies the chance to break through the formalities with the help of a team of specialised skilled professionals, able to provide a rapid, precise service.
What may look like obstacles become new opportunities for us.

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