Customs assistance, customs services for import-export

Andreetto & Zanon was founded in 1981 with the aim of the founder partners to make available to clients the professionalism acquired over many years operating in the customs services sector. As a further guarantee of the quality of the service offered, the current partners founded the Centro di Assistenza Doganale (CAD) Interporto Europa Srl in 2005, a company that provides support to companies who trade with foreign countries by making make customs operations for imported and exported goods more streamlined and effortless.

CADs are companies authorised by the Finance Ministry, the shareholders of which must be customs agents/brokers listed on the professional register.

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Why choose us?

We make available our decades of experience and professionalism in order to disentangle the increasingly complex national and European Union regulations that companies must abide by in the field of the customs classification of goods, declarations of free export and import and health certifications.

We also provide assistance in obtaining customs authorisation of authorised exporters and REX registered exporters in the field of preferential origin and we also organise courses to train the company’s collaborators so that they can analyse corporate procedures in the right way and correctly declare the origin of the goods.

We look carefully at your needs and offer the option of integrating with your IT systems to optimise the flows and handle the schedules in the best way possible. Through our solutions, we are able to adapt the “bureaucratic machine” to your way of operating. What may seem like obstacles in relations with the public administration become new opportunities, thanks to us.

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